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Should People Be Paid to Vote?

An Illinois lawmaker is proposing a bill that would give voters a $25.00 tax credit if they voted in a General Election. Freshman State Senator Ram Villvalam is putting the bill forward with the intent of encouraging more voters to get out to the polls. Some who oppose the idea of voter tax credit consider such a payment akin to a payoff to voters. Our Cole Lauterbach and Greg Bishop have more... 


The Galva Arts Council will play home base to the first ever Henry County Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, April 13th. $10.00 per player with kids under 10 play for free in the Henry County Scavenger Hunt which will send players out on the back roads of Henry County to locate hidden clues, snap pictures of those clues, and eventually get back to the Galva Arts Council headquarters. Following the scavenger hunt will be the latest iteration of the Galva Coffeehouse concert series featuring the Cedar County Cobras. There will be prizes for the top three scavenger hunt teams and door prizes given away to those who participate. All of the proceeds will help towards the funding of the Levitt Amp Concert Series. 

Kewanee City Council Agenda 03-25-19

The Kewanee City Council meets tonight at Kewanee City Hall. Among the items on the agenda, Consideration of a resolution for Street Maintenance. The City of Kewanee is expected to adopt a resolution that would appropriate $455,000 from the Motor Vehicle Tax Fund for road repairs. The council will discuss 6 different bids for municipal lawn mowing. There is expected to be a Proclamation of April 1st through the 7th as National Public Health Week. Finally, there will be a proclamation of April 4th as Junior Achievement Day. 


1. Call to Order
2. Closed Session pursuant to Section 2(c)(2) of the Open Meetings Act to discuss collective bargaining.
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Consent Agenda
a. Approval of Minutes
b. Payroll
c. Staff Reports
5. Presentation of Bills and Claims
6. Citizen Participation
7. Business:
a) Consideration of a Resolution for Maintenance of Streets and Highways for the City of
Kewanee for Fiscal Year 2019-2020.
b) Discussion regarding municipal mowing of unmaintained private properties
c) Proclamation declaring April 1 – 7, 2019 as National Public Health Week.
d) Proclamation declaring April 4, 2019 as JA Day
8. Council Communications:

New Illinois Supreme Court Restricts Use of Restraints

The Illinois Supreme Court says defendants can’t be shackled in hearings on involuntary commitment into state care unless they’re proven to be a danger or at risk of fleeing. Rule 296 went into effect Thursday. LaSalle County State’s Attorney Karen Donnelly says the rule requires some extra legwork.

Donnelly says it’s about protecting people’s rights.

The rule says even in cases where a court deems that someone needs to be restrained, it should be done with the least restrictive restraints possible.
No one should be shackled to a wall, piece of furniture, or other person.

Illinois Jobs Rate Steady Again

The state’s unemployment rate remains at four point three percent – a position that has held since November. Bob Gough says Illinois’ lost 1200 jobs last month. 


A Bracket For Everything Even Abe Lincoln Quotes

March madness now includes brackets for everything – even the best quotes from Abraham Lincoln. Abe’s bracket is a fun exercise from the Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield. Chris Wills says the quotes are seeded and you can pick the winners.

The library and museum’s web page has the bracket or find it on their Facebook page. 

Iconic Illinois Museum Plans New Exhibits

An Illinois museum that features the Delorean auto from the movie "Back to the Future," the General Lee from "Dukes of Hazard" and bat-mobiles from various "Batman" movies plans three new exhibits. Brian Grams, a partner in the Volo Auto Museum in the Lake County village says they plan to open a vintage boat exhibit by Memorial Day;

Grams says they're also adding a "Crime and Punishment" and vintage, working carousel exhibits. With 35 acres and a lot of it indoors, Grams explains why the museum, started by his grandfather, might make a worthy spring break day trip;

In addition to famous cars, boats, bikes and even snowmobiles, the museum features a working collection of vintage rides for children. Volo Auto Museum sits on a former Lake County farm about 15 miles off of I-94 north of Chicago.