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Durbin critical of McConnell's handling of Kavanaugh hearing

The senate judiciary committee will vote Friday on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to serve on the Supreme Court. That vote will come one day after Kavanaugh and the woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her in high school, Christine Blasey Ford, are set to testify before Senators. Senators were told to be prepared for a rare weekend session and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he was confident Kavanaugh would be confirmed. Senator Dick Durbin says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's quest for speed stands in contrast to his handling of President Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland, who was denied a confirmation vote....

Durbin says the issues involved don't call for the fast track....

Durbin said “No one, not any single American, is entitled to a seat on the Supreme Court. It’s a lifetime appointment to the highest court in the land. The person who fills that seat can make decisions which swing history one way or the other. 


Dogs Found in Trash Can Finding Foster and Adoptive Families

The City of Kewanee Animal Control at the Kewanee Pound now has three dogs that they are hoping to return to their families. On Monday, they recovered a pair of pitbulls, a female brindle Pit and a brown unaltered male Pit, in the area of 130 Edwards Street. You can see a picture of the dogs at WKEI-RegionalDailyNews on Facebook. On Tuesday, the Kewanee Pound took in a black and brown neutered male Chihuahua, with a camo collar. The chihuahua was found in the area 523 W. 5th Street. A photo of that pup is also at WKEI RegionalDailyNews on Facebook

Meanwhile, I spoke with Kewanee Animal Control on Tuesday via email. In that interview, I was told that the two dogs found in a trash can on Mill Street in Kewanee are doing well. The younger dog, the Poodle Maltese mix, has been fostered out and the momma dog is getting fixed and getting shots today and she will be adopted out for the cost of the vet bill, the Pound staff have a family lined up to adopt her. 


Foster policies at the Kewanee Pound, for those interested in becoming a foster pet family. are that you can take the animal home, you would be responsible for the care of the animal, if you decide you want to adopt the animal then you would pay for shots if needed and getting them spayed or neutered if the animal was not already fixed, then ownership would be turned over to you. The adoption policy at the Kewanee Pound includes conducting an interview with a potential adopter, meeting with the animal and then you would be asked to pay for the cost of shots and spaying/neutering animal before you can take your new pet home. 


Sign Up for Let's Talk Mental Health Walk in Kewanee

The annual Let's Talk Mental Health Walk is set for October 7th at 12 Noon in Windmont Park. The goal of the event is to help remove the stigma surrounding getting help for mental health issues. Beth Smith is one of the organizers of the event and Beth will be a guest on WKEI's Tuned in Program next week, October 3rd at 8:45 Am. Beth will be on hand to encourage you to sign up and participate in the Let's Talk Mental Health Walk. You can sign up by going to this link for $20 is the cost to participate and with that, you get a Let's Talk Mental Health Walk t-shirt. 

Kewanee City Manager Addresses Concerns About Visitation Monument

Update: Here is a link to a packet for the October 3rd Zoning Board Meeting. It contains photos of the original base for the monument, a photo that indicates that JULIE had examined the area as well as photos of other items in Kewanee that are set on city owned sidewalks similarly placed to the Bell Monument. 


City Manager Gary Bradley once again addressed citizen concerns regarding the Bell Monument being erected in front of Visitation School. In an interview this week on WKEI, Gary Bradley addressed a rumor that Visitation School had not done appropriate testing prior to starting the construction of the monument, specifically a JULIE location check. 

Mr. Bradley then addressed criticism that the City of Kewanee, specifically he and City Engineer Dale Noble, had not made sure that the monument didn't effect sight lines for drivers in the area of Visitation School. 

Finally. Gary Bradley addressed concerns about the weight of the Bell Monument and whether or not it could sink and affect underground infrastructure. 

A photo of the concrete footing where the monument is being built will be made available some time prior to the October 3rd Zoning Board of Appeals meeting at Kewanee City Hall where Visitation School will apply for a variance for the Bell Monument. Regardless of how the Board of Appeals rules in the matter, the request will go before the Kewanee City Council on October 9th. Kewanee City Manager Gary Bradley was our guest on People to People on Tuesday. You can listen to or download that interview by clicking here

OSF Saint Luke Medical Center COPD Lunch and Learn Today

OSF Saint Luke Medical Center is holding the latest in their Lunch and Learn series at OSF Hospital today at 12 Noon. Dr. Shamaila Gorsi is hosting today’s event on COPD says Carrie Boelens from OSF


New Rear Seat Law Coming for Those 2 and Under

We all know to buckle up. But when transporting little kids there is a right way and wrong way. It’s National Child Passenger Safety Week and Secretary of State Jesse White is reminding parents and others of the best way to secure a small child in a safety seat – and beginning in January a 
new law will enforce it.

Kids under the age of 8 need to ride in a car seat or booster seat. And it’s recommended that anyone under the age of 13 rides in the back seat to remain the safest. 

Safe Food Prep Starts with Cleaning Up

Keeping healthy while cooking at home starts with keeping germs and bacteria at bay. Lisa Peterson with the University of Illinois Extension office says that kitchen safety starts with a simple task.

Once you’ve beat back the germs and bad bugs in meal prep. Cook meat to the right temperature. Peterson says not only will it taste better that way it will also keep you from getting sick.

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