Police Beat

Three separate instances of theft reported in Kewanee on Friday. The first came, a theft of under $300 in the 600 Block of Midland Drive at approximately 2:27 Pm. Then another incident of Theft under $500 came at 6:49 Pm in the area of the 400 Block of Ross. The last reported Theft, under $500, came at approximately 10:27 Pm, in the area of the 700 Block of Henry Streetl.


There is a report of a residential burglary with forcible entry on Friday at approximately 10:02 Pm in the area of the 200 Block of Willard. No word on the status of the investigation.


Another hit and run accident in Kewanee. A rash of people hitting empty cars and driving away has hit Kewanee in recent days. This time it was just after midnight in the area of 2nd and Chestnut.


Four separate calls regarding Illegal Burning in Kewanee on Saturday. According to the police blotter, police and fire department officials were called to scenes in the areas of Grove and Ross at approximately 7:32 Pm, the area of Dwight and Garfield at approximately 7:51 Pm, the 400 Block of East 8th Street at 7:54 Pm, the area of 2nd and Boss at approximately 9:20 Pm. A reminder to Kewanee residents that burn days in Kewanee are over until September per the City of Kewanee.


A Kewanee resident was cited for Disobeying a Traffic Control Device at approximately 5:12 Pm in the area of the 600 Block of Tenney Street. According to Kewanee Police, 33 year Ritesh Patel failed to stop causing his vehicle to collide with a vehicle driven by 36 year old Leon M. Morris of Kewanee. Neither driver was injured in the accident.