Police Beat

Time: 03/06 - 1.2:20 KPD;18-002832 Location: 700 ELK.OF N MAIN ST, 1.EwANEE ABANDONED VEHICLE
Responding Agencies: IEWANEE-POLICE Disposition Response: RESOLVEDStatus: CL-S
Time: 03X6 - 12..23 Case; KPD: 8-002833 Location: 50013LK OF FRANKLIN ST, KEWANEE CIVIL COMPLAINT - OTHER Responding Agerzei.cs: KEWANEE-POLICE Disposition Response: RI SOLVEDStatus; CLS
Time: 03/06 - 13;31 Case: KIDD:18-002835 Localion: 500 alb{ OF T:6,NNEY ST, KEWANEE
NO DRIVERS LICENSE Responding Agencies: KEWANEE-POLICE ARRESTED - Name: JEFFRIES, ISAAC Q Sex: M Age: 26 Residing in: PEORIA Charge: 2470.-NO DRIVERS LICENSE , 625 ILCS 5,0/6-102 - NO DRIVERS LICENSFJPERMIT Date: 03/06/2018 Ref#: 38325 Charge: SPEEDING 55 IN 35 MPH ZONE Date: 03/06/2018 Ref4: 38324 Disposition Response: CITNFIONStatus: AA Narrative: ISAAC Q JEFFRIES 26 PEORIA CITED FOR SPEEDING 55 IN 35 MPH ZONE AND NO VALID DR.IVER'S LICENSE, NTA-
Time: 03/06 - 14:49 Case: KPD:1 8-002839 Location: 400 BLK OF E 3RD ST, KEWANEE ASSIST - CITIZEN RespondIng Agencies: KEWANEE-POLICE Disposition Response: RESOLVEDS/attis: CLS
Time: 03106 14:57 Case: KPD:18,002840 Location; 500 I3LK OF N MAIN ST, KEWANEE ABANDONED VEHICLE Responding Agencies: KEWANEE-POLICE Response: RES.OLVED$tattis: CLS
Time: 03/06 - 15:04 Case: KPD:18-002841 Location: 1000 RLK OF TERRY AVE, KEWANEE CIVIL COMPLAINT - OTHER CI-IILD A131.15E Responding Agencies: -POLICE Disposition Response: RESOLVEDStattis: FTI
MYYR-n Time: 03/06 - 15:52 Case: KPD:18-002842 Location: RED ADAMS RD, KEWANEE ATV/MINI BIKE COMPLAINT Responding Agencies: -POLICE Di*p05itiOn Response: UTL-Stahisi CLS
Time: 03/06 - 16:02 Case: KPD:18-002843 Location: 400 EILK OF OTLEY AVE, KEWANEE ASSIST - CITIZEN Responding Agencies: -POLICE Disposition Response: RESOLVEDStatus: CL-S
Time: 03/06 - 16:10 Case: 1C :IS-002844 Location: 700 BLK OF E 5TH $T, KEWANEE DISORDERLY CONDUCT:TELEPHONE THREM" RespOnCliAl Agencies: -POLICE Residing in KEWANEE Disposition Response: RESOLVEDStatus: CLS
Time: 03/06 - 16:23 Case: KM:18-002846 Location: 800 BLE OF W 4TH ST, KEWANEE CRIMINAL TRESPASS TO RESIDENCE Responding Agencies: -POLICE Disposition Response: RESOLVED5tutus: CL-S