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Regional Media Movie Review Resident Evil The Final Chapter

Milla Jovovich takes on the role of Alice for the 6th and supposedly final time in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. The film finds Alice needing to return to Raccoon City, site of the very first outbreak of the T-Virus from the first film in the franchise. Supposedly there is a cure for the zombie plague and only our super-power enhanced heroine can get to it and use to save what little is left of humanity. Here's my review of Resident Evil The Final Chapter. 

Regional Media Movie Review A Dog's Purpose

A Dog's Purpose features the voice of Josh Gad (Frozen's snowman) as Bailey, the dog of Ethan. Bailey however will have many different lives and owners throughout the film as he passes from one life to the next via reincarnation going from Golden Retriever to German Shepard to Corgy among other breeds all while hoping to sniff his way back to Ethan. Here's my review of A Dog's Purpose. 

Regional Media Movie Review Patriot's Day

Patriot's Day stars Mark Wahlberg as a Boston detective who was on security detail on the day of the Boston Marathon bombing. Wahlberg's detective, along with the entirety of the Boston Police Department joined with the FBI for one of the most elaborate manhunts in American history as they worked to capture the terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon. John Goodman and Kevin Bacon co-star. Here's my review of Patriot's Day. 

Regional Media Movie Review Sleepless

Sleepless stars Jamie Foxx as a corrupt cop who is in over his head after he and his partner steal drugs from one of Las Vegas's most dangerous drug dealers. When the dealers kidnap Foxx's son he must dodge both police and the dealers in order to get him back safe. Michelle Monaghan and rapper T.I Harris co-star. Here is my review of Sleepless. 

Regional Media Movie Review Live By Night

Live by Night stars Ben Affleck as a small time criminal who becomes a big time crime kingpin when he aligns himself with the Italian mob and moves to Florida where he becomes the biggest and most successful bootlegger on the East Coast all while battling local authorities, headed up by Academy Award nominee Chris Cooper, and the KKK, a group outraged by his willingness to do business with the large Cuban and Dominican population but not with the corrupt Klansman. Here is my review of Live by Night. 

Regional Media Movie Review Underworld Blood Wars

Underworld Blood Wars stars Kate Beckinale, back in the role of Vampire Assassin Celine, battling both lycans (Werewolves) and Vampires, each trying to kill her over the blood of her missing hybrid daughter, blood that could be the key to unlimited power. Joined by a fellow vampire played by Theo James, Celine must battle both sides to protect her daughter and prevent full on war between Vampires and Lycans. Here's my review of Underworld Blood War.... 

Regional Media Movie Review A Monster Calls

A young boy dealing with the long, slow, painful death of his mother, retreats into a fantasy world where a monster, voiced by Liam Neeson, tells him frightening stories. There will be three stories told by the monster, each with an intention to awaken something in the boy. The last story will be told by the boy himself and that will be the story of his mother and coming to terms. Here is my review of "A Monster Calls" 

Regional Media TV Review It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Heading into its 12th season “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia should be slowing down and becoming predictable like most other shows that age. Thankfully that is not the fate of this always odd but never boring show. Yes, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is an acquired taste but for those who’ve come to love the show over its 11 seasons, season 12 starts with yet another strange but wonderful bang.


It’s hard to fathom until you see it but “The Gang Turns Black” is a literal title. After spending an evening watching “The Wiz” with a homeless man they’ve decided to rescue the gang is struck by lightning and wake up black. Though we see the gang as they always are, in mirrors and to the outside world they are a family black people. This leads the gang to try and figure out the rules of this situation by referencing body switch movies and the 80’s TV series “Quantum Leap.”


Then things get weird. While assessing the situation, and trying to figure out which Hollywood based cliché will get them back to their own bodies, Charlie and then Dennis begin to sing. Yes, fans, it’s a musical episode on top of the high concept Hollywood satire. Soon the whole gang is singing, only pausing for the requisite exposition dialogue dumps that are a hallmark of many Hollywood musicals that need to explain parts of the plot that cannot be made to rhyme.


Two theories emerge as to what is happening. Mac believes the gang has been transported to some version of The Wiz and must learn a valuable lesson before getting to go home. Dee believes the gang is in a Quantum Leap scenario though she also believes a good deed is what will break them free. The theories split the gang with Charlie and Dennis going with Mac and Frank splitting off with Dee to seek out their own Ziggy, ala Quantum Leap.


Both subplots are equally hilarious with Charlie’s performance being the standout. A perpetual arrested development, it’s perfect that Charlie’s black identity is that of a child. Forced to explain his situation to police, the deft writing leads to a classic series of misunderstandings that are rooted in the “Sunny” canon. That said, there is a glorious cameo in Dee and Frank’s plot that nearly steals the show, including the last gag of the episode that is a true howler.


Admittedly, I have dipped in and out of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia over the years but episodes like this one make me glad the show has hung on as long as it has. The plot is bizarre yet classically “Sunny.” The humor is accessible to new viewers and yet rooted in the long running history of these characters. It’s deft and inventive and that is not something that is often said about show that has been around as long as “Sunny.” 


Season 12 of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" airs at 9 Pm Central on FXX. 

Interview Code Black Star Boris Kodjoe

Actor Boris Kodjoe never expected to be a full time cast member on the CBS medical drama Code Black. Kodjoe signed on for a four episode arc in season one of the series and he thought that might be it. However, producers loved his work so much they invited him to become a full time cast member for season two joining fellow cast newcomer Rob Lowe and series star and Academy Award nominee Marcia Gay Harden. Code Black is set in the busiest Emergency Room in the country and it's a show that moves at an incredible pace that keeps both the audience and the actors on the edge of their seats. But acting is only part of Boris Kodjoe's unique life story. Born in Vienna Austria, Boris was raised in Germany and did not learn English until he was 19 years and now speaks with little to no accent. On an even more personal level however, Boris's life today is dedicated to his family and to his daughter Sophie who was born with Spina Bifida. In my conversation with Boris we talk about the Sophie's Voice Foundation which is raising money not just to help treat Spina Bifida but also to provide support for families caring for people with Spina Bifida. Actor Boris Kodjoe with our Sean Patrick in this interview....