Movie Reviews Archives for 2016-10

Regional Media Movie Review Inferno

Inferno is the third film adaptation of the book series from author Dan Brown that began with The Da Vinci code and continued with Angels & Demons. Inferno finds Professor Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) kidnapped from Cambridge, Massachusetts and taken to Florence, Italy. Having suffered a head injury, Professor Langdon is suffering from memory loss and wakes in a hospital where a kind doctor (Felicity Jones) helps him escape an attempt on his life. From there the two go on the run after finding clues that lead them into a race to stop a super-virius from killing half the people on the planet. Here is my review of Inferno. 

Regional Media Movie Review Jack Reacher Never Go Back

Jack Reacher Never Go Back is the sequel to 2012 smash based on the novels by Christopher McQuarrie. Tom Cruise plays the title role, as a former head of the Military Police who is now a drifter who goes about solving crimes just outside of the law. In Never Go Back, Reacher returns to Washington D.C only to find that his friend, the new head of the Military Police, played Cobie Smulders, has been arrested on espionage charges. Knowing she's innocent, Jack breaks her out of jail and the two go on the run to find the men who set them both up and stop them from covering up a complicated crime. Here is my review of Jack Reacher Never Go Back. 

Regional Media Movie Review Ouija Origin of Evil

Ouija The Origin of Evil is a 60's set prequel to the 2012 movie simply titled Ouija. The movie stars Elizabeth Reaser as a single mother of two girls who works as a fortune teller. To aid in the whole supernaturaly, talk to the dead act, mom buys a Ouija Board. However, this board and the family home, lead to the awakening of a demon that soon takes over the body of the youngest daughter, played by Lulu Wilson, who develops incredible powerw including a real ability to converse with the dead. Henry Thomas co-stars as a priest. Here's my review of Ouija Origin of Evil. 


Regional Media Movie Review The Accountant

Ben Affleck stars in The Accountant as a very brilliant man with a very scary set of skills. Though he may come off as awkward, Affleck's Christian Wolff is a highly intelligent man with Asperger's Syndrome. He has an ability to understand numbers well beyond the average person and this has made him extraordinarily valuable to some very dangerous people. When Christian is hired to uncook the books of a shady robotics company he finds himself in the crosshairs of hired killers aiming to take out him and the woman who discovered the accounting error played by Anna Kendrick. Here is my review of The Accountant. 

Regional Media Movie Review The Girl on the Train

The Girl on the Train stars Emily Blunt as a lost and depressed woman who spends her days riding the train from New York City to an affluent suburb and back again. Why? Because the train passes by her former home where her ex-husband lives with his new wife. Part of her trip is spent dreaming about the lives of the people in the other homes around her former home, especially a beautiful young woman whose perfect life she has spent days building a story around. When that woman winds up murdered Blunt gets drawn into the mystery and even becomes a suspect. Here's my review of The Girl on the Train.