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Training for what the state of Illinois are calling 'Budtenders' is getting underway this month, getting ahead of the legalization of recreational cannabis on January 1st of 2020. According to state regulators, some 26 businesses in the state of Illinois have now been certified to provide training for 'Budtenders.' One of those businesses is Hempstaff.com which was among the first to announce classes for Budtenders for this month, beginning September 16th in Southern Illinois near St. Louis and continuing September 21st in Chicago. A list of 26 companies certified to provide Budtender training can be found here. Budtenders will be trained and certified in identifying impairment, knowing the physiological effects of cannabis, security measures and health concerns related to cannabis consumption. Training for Budtenders in Illinois must be completed by November 1st to be able to work as of January 1st of 2020.