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The Henry County Farm Bureau is hitting the road with with Driver's Education and Ag Safety. Katie Laleman tells WKEI that the Farm Bureau's Ag in the Classroom program is entering their third year of their innovative approach to teachng Ag Safety in Driver's Ed classes across Henry County. 

There is no firm date for when this volunteer program will get underway. Katie tells WKEI that the goal of the program is to get into as many driver's ed classes in the county and give kids the chance to see how far back from farm equipment on the road the driver needs to be, when it is safe to pass farm equipment and even get the kids up in a combine so that they can see the road from the perspective of a farmer. If you know a driver's ed class that would like to host the Henry County Farm Bureau Ag in the Classroom program, contact Katie Laleman at 309-937-2411.