Local News

Be ready for people to be knocking on your door this week as the US Census count gets underway. Mayor Gary Moore told WKEI on our People to People program that census takers will be out around Kewanee and the surrounding areas this week, as early as today. While having strangers on your doorstep asking questions can be annoying or even a little worrisome, Mayor Moore says that a correct census is urgently important for Kewanee to get the kind of state and federal funding that a city of this size needs. That said, if you are concerned about security or about strangers in your neighborhood and being sure that they are with the US Census, you can call the Kewanee Police Department to find out where Census takers are supposed to be on any given day. According to Mayor Moore, Census takers must check in with police and let them know where they plan on being. Call 309-853-1911 if you have concerns as to whether someone in your neighborhood is with the Census but be sure you are getting counted for your City.