Local News

The Quad City Times is reporting that a Kewanee woman will go to trial on charges of Domestic Abuse and Assault. According to the Times report, 37 year old Rebecka R Self of Kewanee is alleged to have poured a flammable substance onto her teenage son and threatened to set him on fire during an incident on July 25th. In court, Kewanee Police Officer Andrew Kingdon testified that Kewanee Police responded to a 911 call in which a 14 year old juvenile claimed that his mother had thrown gasoline on him and threatened to light him on fire. At the scene, Kewanee Police determined that the flammable substance in question was not gasoline but was a flammable hairspray. Judge Peter Church, based on the Officer's testimony determined that there was probable cause to go to trial and set a date of August 15h for a pre-trial hearing. Self is out on a $5000.00 bond.