Local News

Stark County CUSD 100 Superintendent Dr Nick Sutton has taken to Facebook to ask for help from the public for information regarding a recent spate of vandalism on campus. According to the post by Dr Sutton, a series of incidents of vandalism on the Toulon campus has become a serious issue with damage to doors and windows that is becoming costly. The school has surveillance cameras and police are actively investigating the incidents. The school is asking residents for any additional information they may have that might lead to the people who are committing these acts of vandalism. The Stark County School District has been working on campus improvements over the summer but those improvements are being affected by the acts of vandalism. In the statement on the district Facebook page, linked here, Superintendent Sutton says "Our local police have been fantastic and helpful with assisting with this issue, but I also hate seeing them have to use their time to monitor a campus at night that no one should even consider damaging. At this point, I am asking for everyone's help. If you have any information I am asking you to contact me or the local police.

I am hoping everyone else in our community is as frustrated and angry as I am about this, and can help me spread the word that this is happening. If we are able to determine who is doing this, I also give you my word that they will be held accountable to the highest degree possible." If you have any information that can lead to the capture of those who are damaging the school please contact the Toulon Police Department at 309-286-2541 or the Stark County Sheriff's Office at 309-286-2541.