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Kewanee Mayor Gary Moore has consulted with City Attorney Justin Raver regarding the confusion over a contract to provide ambulance service to the Village of Neponset. Confusion emerged over what the Kewanee City Council had voted on at the May 13th Kewanee City Council Meeting. At the most recent council meeting, Councilman Mike Yaklich asked about the status of negotiations for a contract to provide ambulance service to the Village of Neponset. City Manager Gary Bradley informed Mr Yaklich that the City had received partial payment on the agreed to contract. Mr Yaklich questioned how a contract could be in place if the council had not seen or approved of the contract. 

As clarified today by the City Attorney, Justin Raver, the council did, at the May 13th City Council Meeting vote on a contract and not on an agreement to begin negotiations. Said contract was included in the council packet for the May 13th meeting and was written into the ordinance that was being voted on that night. The letter from the City Attorney Justin Raver reads: 


"After looking at the agenda and the minutes and listening to the meeting recorded by the radio. It seems like the contract was authorized to be signed and the minutes were incorrect. 

There was discussion about negotiation and return but ultimately the counsel passed the resolution on the agenda as is without any modifications made despite there being opportunity to do so. 

As such the contract is properly executed with the consent of the counsel."


Some of the confusion over the issue stemmed from an exchange captured in the minutes of the May 13th meeting between Mayor Gary Moore and Councilman Yaklich that indicated that what was being voted on was an agreement to enter into negotiations. No move was made however, by the council to change the ordinance and remove the contract and the council moved ahead with a vote on the contract that was included in the City Council packet. The council could have made a motion to change the ordinance to include a new negotiation but such a motion was never made. The council passed that contract in a 4 to 1 vote with Mr Yaklich as the lone holdout. 


As for the contract itself, according to the City Manager and the contract included in the council packet, the contract states that the Village of Neponset will pay $27,000 to the City of Kewanee for one year at which time the deal will be revisited and renegotiated.