Local News

An Illinois State Trooper in District 7 out of East Moline is lucky have only scratches on his squad car side mirror after a near collision this morning from a semi truck that failed to Move Over. The trooper was pulled to the side of the road providing aid to a disabled vehicle when the incident occurred. The trooper was stopped on Interstate 80 with lights flashing when the semi struck the side of the squad car just as it swerved and narrowly missed a tragic accident. State Police are currently checking surveillance video from the Trooper's squad car in an attempt to locate the driver of the semi which fled the scene immediately. The trooper stayed with the disabled car to make sure the driver was safe while they waited for a tow truck. The incident and the photo attached to this story are another strong reminder of the importance of the Move Over Law. If caught the driver faces fines anywhere from $100.00 to $10,000.00 and since damage occurred to the vehicle, a 90 day license suspension. Six inches to the right and we could be talking about yet another trooper killed in a preventable Move Over crash.