Local News

Kewanee Mayor Gary Moore was our guest on People to People on Tuesday, following up on Monday night's Kewanee City Council meeting. Mayor Moore discussed the appointment of new Kewanee City Clerk, Rebecca Jones and the difficult decision by the Council to grant Jones' appointment despite her not living in the City of Kewanee. Jones, who lives in Woodhull, was granted a probationary period of 2 years before the Council will revisit the residency issue. Mayor Moore had wanted the council to amend the current ordinance to remove the residency requirement but that motion was defeated by the Council in a 4 to 1 vote with only the Mayor voting to remove the residency requirement. Also on the show today we discussed the inter-governmental agreement that will bring together Police from Kewanee, Geneseo, Colona and the Henry County Sheriff's Office to combat drug and human trafficking, among several other items from last night's Kewanee City Council meeting.