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A post on the City of Kewanee Facebook page is giving residents instructions on how to properly use the new automated trash carts which are being delivered to residences this week and will go into use next week. In the post, a photo of one of the blue carts is posed with the top open, garbage packed to high inside, and the cart facing the wrong direction from the street and placed to far from the curb. The post goes on to correct the photo, instructing residents to place the cart so that the handle is facing away from the street, the top of the cart should be closed with no trash sticking up causing the lid to remain open, and finally, the cart should be placed no more than 3 feet from the curb so that the automated arm of the new trash trucks can safely and securely reach the cart. If you have any questions regarding the new automated trash pick up in Kewanee contact the Kewanee Public Works Department at 309-852-2611.