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Local News

Henry County Coroner Melissa Watkins has released a report for her office's activity for 2019. According to the Henry County Coroner, the Coroner's Office dealt with a total of 270 deaths in 2018. Of those 270 deaths, 243 were determined to have been from natural causes. The coroner determined that 17 of the deaths investigated by the coroner's office were due to accidents including a vehicle versus skateboard accident and a pair of separate industrial accidents involving heavy machinery. Nine suicides were investigated by the Henry County Coroner's office in 2019. And, the coroner determined that there was only 1 death by Homicide in Henry County in 2018, that being the death of 19 year old Xavier Hartman of Galva. Despite James Love having been found not guilty in Hartman's death, the death was still determined to have been the result of homicide. The 270 deaths represent only deaths that the Coroner was called to preside over and not all deaths in Henry County in 2018. The coroner held no coroner inquests in 2018.