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Voters can begin casting votes for the Kewanee Mayoral Primary on January 17th. That from Henry County Clerk Recorder Barb Link who confirmed that ballots are being printed in preparation. Five candidates for Mayor remain after Brad Ahrens opted to drop out of the race after revealing a felony conviction would prevent him from being able to take office if elected. Councilman Mike Yaklich remains in the race as the only write-in candidacy and he and will be on WKEI next Monday to talk in depth about his decision to get into the race for Mayor. Councilman Steve Faber will also be joining us on WKEI in the first week of the opening of our new studio. Mr Faber will join us on Tuesday. Former Kewanee Police Officer Gary Moore will make his appearance at our new studio on Central Avenue on Wednesday to record an interview for the Thursday edition of the WKEI morning Show. Each of the interviews will be made available online before they air as the Regional Media Grand Auction is bumping People to People next week from 9 Am until 10 Am. WKEI is working to reach out to candidate and former council member Bob Kuntz and businessman Steve Lemanski for interviews prior to the start of early voting on January 17th. The Kewanee Mayoral Primary will take place on February 26th.