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Questions surround the now two candidates who have announced write-in campaigns for Mayor of Kewanee. Henry County Clerk Barb Link tells WKEI that indeed, two write-in candidates for Mayor of Kewanee have filed paperwork with her office and have filed with Kewanee City Clerk Melinda Edwards as required by election law. However, the County Clerk stated that one of the candidates, which she did not name, has been shown to be not eligible to take the oath of office if elected. Henry County Clerk Barb Link states that this candidates case has been referred to the Henry County States Attorney Matthew Schutte. We do not know which of the two write-in candidates is ineligible at this time. Both Brad Ahrens and Michael S. Yaklich have filed the paperwork to be write-in candidates for Mayor of Kewanee. With just one of them added to the ballot, there will be a primary election in Kewanee in February. WKEI is following up on this story with the State's Attorney and will update as information becomes available.