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Maddie Costenson-Segura knew the morning was off to an unusual start when she noticed police cars in the area of O'Reilly Auto Parts and Save A Lot, just blocks from her home in the 300 Block of Chestnut. Things would take a frightening turn however, just before 7 Am. Maddie, speaking exclusively to, said that around 6:40 Am as she was putting things into her car before work and just about to bring her baby to the car from her home, saw a man emerge from the area between her carport and her neighbors home. 

According to Maddie, the man claimed to have fallen asleep behind the meter next to her neighbor's house but Maddie knew better. The man then approached her and that's where Maddie picks up the story in her own words. 


"I slammed my car door shut. He grabbed my right shoulder and back and told me not to say anything. I elbowed him and screamed help. He looked at me in shock and slowly took off into my neighbors yard. I ran towards my front door screaming for the cops that a man attacked me and was running from my house. The man then took off actually running north on my street. The police ran to their vehicles to follow the man. About 5 or 10 minutes later two officers came to my house, looked around, asked if I was okay, and got my information."


Officers informed Maddie that they had captured the suspect. No other information has been released at this time. Kewanee Police have yet to respond to requests for comments regarding the name of the suspect or the nature of the arrest. More on this story as it develops.