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Local News

A pair of dogs that were found in a trash can on Mill Street in Kewanee on Tuesday are now being cared for at the Kewanee Pound. Kewanee for the Animals first published this photo of the dogs, a mother and son, earlier this week when the dogs were discovered.

The dogs were immediately taken to the Kewanee Vet Clinic on Townsedge Road where they were treated for malnourishment and given flea treatments. The mother dog, a Poodle was given anti-biotics and there remains a $300.00 veterinary care bill to be paid. The younger dog is a Poodle/Maltese Mix. 

Both dogs are now being cared for at the Kewanee Pound where they will remain until they are healthier. Meanwhile, if you know the owner of these dogs you are asked to contact the Kewanee Police Department at 309-853-1911.