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Here we go...the final meeting for the 2017 fiscal year of Kewanee Hog Days is this Tuesday, November 14th at 7 pm in our building at 306 North Main Street. This will be the last chance to deal with anything 2017. We do not meet in December and when we get to January we will be in the 2018 fiscal year and dealing with the 2018 festival! Below is the preliminary agenda for this Tuesday evening. Re: election of officers...the names listed our the ones given by the nominating committee. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor at our meeting. In the case of vice chairpersons, since we already have 3 names in nomination for 2 positions, we'll use a paper ballot. Paper ballots for the other positions will depend on whether additional nominations are made from the floor.

Acceptance of and place on file Secretary’s report

Acceptance of and place on file pending audit, Treasurer’s report for October. (Auditing committee will close and audit Treasurer's books during December at a mutually agreed on time and place).

Visitors –

Unfinished Business

1.    Name badges (carried over to next year)

2.    Phones (carried over for consideration at January 2018 meeting)

3.    Chamber of Commerce souvenir report

4.    Notice of assessment change from Henry County 

New Business

1.    2018 entertainment report

2.    Review of October 24, 2017 Special meeting

3.    Memberships and memorials

4.    Election of 2018-19 officers

        Vice chairs (vote for 2): Ruth Neuleib,  Niles Reamer,  Kaye Finney

                                 Treasurer (vote for 1):  Larry Flannery

                         Co-chairperson (vote for 1): Janie Metscaviz 

(immediately following the regular meeting a short 3 minute session is scheduled to determine which events each elected officer is assigned to oversee)

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