Local News

The Consolidated Election will be held next Tuesday, April 4th with polls open from 6 am til 7 pm.

For the sake of this report, we will focus on the races specific to Kewanee and will list only those races that are contested.

In some cases, not only in Kewanee, but across Henry County, there are several races that have just the bare minimum of candidates, in some cases less than that and in some other cases, no candidates at all.

In Kewanee, there are two City Council seats on the ballot with four candidates running for those positions. Those candidates include incumbents Kellie Wallace-McKenna and Mike Yaklich, and also Tim “Hammy” Hamilton and Steve Faber.

For the position of Kewanee Park District Commissioner, there are three candidates running for two positions including incumbent Al Salisbury along with Jacque Verscha and Andrew Verstraete.

For Kewanee School District #229 Board of Education there are five candidates for four positions. Those candidates are Lori Christiansen, Michael Komnick, Scott Steffen, Jeffrey Johnson and Jan Padilla.

For Wethersfield School District #230 Board of Education there are six candidates for four positions. Those candidates are Jeff White, Sue Brody, Steve Newman, Allyson Schiltz, Angela Ryan and Jesus Ponce.

Board terms in both the Kewanee and Wethersfield Districts are for four years.

For the positions of Black Hawk College Board Trustee there are two seats up for grabs with three candidates. Those candidates are Jon Looney, David Emerick Jr. and Steve Spivey.

For Kewanee Township Trustee, there are seven candidates running for four spots. Those candidates include Mark Ouart, Charles Russell, Eric Wolf, John Sovanski, Tom Kazubouski, James Findley and Ted Sturtevant.