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Sewer maintenance will continue in several areas of town during Monday 3/27/17 through Thursday 3/30/17.  Contractors will be working on installing sewer liners in sewer mains the following areas:


Monday 3/27/17 – Green Street


Tuesday 3/28/17 – McKinley Avenue from Main to Vine


Wednesday 3/29/17 – Elm Street from Central to Oak     

                                        Oak Street from Main to Elm


Thursday 3/30/17 – 300 block of Tenney Street

                                1000 block of Madison Avenue

                                Val Mar Drive


Residents in these areas will not be able to use any sewer or household drains while work is taking place. Residents will not be able to wash clothes or dishes, take showers or baths, flush toilets, and should turn off sump pumps connected to sewer service. 


While work is being done, residents may detect an odor from drains inside their homes.  This odor is not harmful, but it is helpful to pour a gallon of hot water down any drains, sinks, tubs, and toilets in order to create a water barrier that will prevent odors from coming up the drains.


Door hangers will be issued by the contractor to every resident affected by the work 24 hours in advance of liner work being done and when drains cannot be used.


Because the equipment in this procedure requires use of water from neighborhood hydrants, residents in these areas may experience low water pressure or rusty water.  Residents are advised to use only cold water to flush out water inside their homes.