Local News

Strong and powerful thunderstorms hit Kewanee and much of central Illinois on Tuesday afternoon bringing in the first severe weather of the season.

Heavy rains and quarter size hail hit Kewanee on Tuesday afternoon with reports of egg size hail in Galva and baseball size hail in Ottawa where unfortunately, one person was killed as a result of the storm.

Hail in Dixon around 5 o’clock Tuesday afternoon was so heavy that it appeared that a blanket of snow had hit lawns in that area.

Large hail, heavy rain, strong winds and heavy damage was common throughout much of central Illinois with reports of a tornado in LaSalle County and another tornado spotted in Washburn.

One of the buildings that was damaged in Ottawa where the LaSalle County Nursing Home was hit creating major damage and minor injuries.

The storm was the result of a warm, moist, unstable air mass from the southwest clashing with a strong cold front from the northwest.

The warm air was a bit unusual for February, albeit the last day of the month but it also serves as a reminder that the spring season with the potential for strong weather is now in effect.

Residents may want to examine any emergency plans they might have and remain alert and aware when storm systems develop in the future.