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Earlier this week Gov. Rauner delivered his State of the State address. With a budget deal in Springfield starting to look a little closer to reality, Jak Tichener of the Paul Simon Public Policy institute says Gov. Rauner was a little more conciliatory this year, praising the bipartisan work in the legislature to put together a budget.

The budget proposal, the so called Grand Bargain is a bipartisan effort by Senate leadership and does include some tax increases to close an over six billion dollar annual shortfall.

Jak Tichener of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.
The work on budget cuts is still underway, as are some provisions of the Governors ‘TurnAround’ agenda that would revamp workers compensation and limit the influence of unions. The legislature will be back at work in early February and a vote on a new budget could come as early as February seventh, if work progresses as hoped on the budget issues. For more information on budget progress and other state issues, a good site is ‘CapitolFax.com’.