Local News

Kewanee City Council met on Monday night and during the presentation of bills and claims, Councilwoman Deann Schweitzer questioned City Manager Gary Bradley and City Clerk Melinda Edwards for the better part of ten minutes over a variety of expenses that at times seemed to have vague explanations.

Ultimately, everything seemed to be in order and the meeting proceeded from there.

Council approved the appointment of Catherine Hughes to the City’s Planning Commission.

Council also faced three ordinances that in were brought to the Council by Dr. Chris Sullens and Kewanee School District 229.

Council voted to amend the City Code relative to Handicapped Parking Spaces on Central Boulevard in front of Central and Irving Elementary Schools. In both cases, an additional handicapped parking space will be added in front of each school.

Council also voted to limit parking in front of both schools on Central Blvd to one hour.

Council also approved an ordinance that establishes no parking on the East side of the 200 block of South Elm Street.

All measures to that point were approved on a 5-0 vote.

Council also passed an ordinance that establishes no parking on the west side of the 100 block of Payson Street. That vote went 4-1 in favor with Ms. Schweitzer voting no.

Council also held an abbreviated discussion on Monday night addressing economic and community development incentives. City Manager Gary Bradley had e-mailed various proposals to Council members late Monday afternoon and Ms. Schweitzer stated that she had not received hers and felt there was no point in addressing the issue since adequate time had not been allowed in order to review the information. Mr. Bradley insisted on moving forward with the presentation but was later pressed by Ms. Schweitzer over the fact she had not receive the materials. Councilman Mike Yaklich then weighed in advising Ms. Schweitzer to just listen to the presentation. But at point, the wind was out of the sails and Council will have to re-visit this issue in the future.

The pace of the meeting Monday night was less that grounded at times with an uneven flow to proceedings.  

Council did wrap up by proclaiming today as Rotary Day in Kewanee commemoration 100 years of service to the community by the Kewanee Rotary Club.