Local News

The Galva and Bishop Hill Fire Departments were called out at approximately 5:15 Tuesday afternoon to battle a house fire at 419 SE 3rd Avenue in Galva.

Galva Fire Chief Denny Tarleton reports that the fire appears to have originated in an upstairs bedroom where the residents noted that there were some electrical problems.

As fire crews arrived on the scene, they had to originally get past a kitchen area on the first floor that had already become engulfed in flames.

Chief Tarleton said it was a bit of a struggle for a while to get the fire under control but crews were ultimately able to make progress on the fire.

The home was occupied by three men in their mid-20’s who were able to escape without injury although one of the men was taken to an area hospital to be treated for what was essentially an anxiety attack.

Chief Tarleton noted that the structure suffered significant damage from the fire and also from water and smoke throughout the building.

Chief Tarleton also noted that this fire, like many other fires in today’s world seem to move very quickly and the men were able to just barely get out with only a few possessions and they were not allowed to go back in.

The American Red Cross was called in to provide assistance and the men reportedly are staying with relatives in Galva.     

Fire crews were on the scene til about 10 o’clock Tuesday night and Chief Tarleton reports that in addition to no injuries to the residents, there were no injuries to the firefighters.   

The fire remains under investigation with investigators expected to do their work on Thursday.