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WKEI has expended its coverage on the FM Dial. Regional Media Virden Broadcasting, owners of WKEI announced the changes to the WKEI listening experience.


WKEI FM formally at 104.3 on the dial will move to 100.1FM by the end of the day on October 19, 2016. The move also comes with a significant power increase equal to 16 times its current level. The move is to enhance the WKEI listening experience over its multiple county coverage 24 hours a day.


Regional Media President and CEO Fletcher Ford said, “WKEI has been a longtime staple in the community, and we are incredibly proud to have the opportunity to improve the station.” Mr. Ford also thanks the engineering staff, and attorneys for working to make the changes possible.


WKEI was the first AM station in Illinois to simulcast on the FM dial, paving the way for many stations.


“We have replaced the aging WKEI antenna, audio processing, cabling, transmitter, and various other components to provide a higher quality and more robust listening experience” according to Wayne R. Miller, Regional Media Virden Broadcasting's Chief Engineer.


WKEI also unveiled a new station logo for WKEI talkradio, spotlighting the 100.1FM frequency. (attached)


Regional Media Virden Broadcasting has made significant investments into equipment following its purchase by Mr. Ford in 2013. Hog Country 102.5 WJRE has been updated to high efficiency High Definition, Kewanee’s own MY102! was launched, WKEI’s AM transmitter was updated, along with all new audio processing, and other components for each station as well.


Additional improvements scheduled before the end of 2016 include a complete remodel of the WKEI and WJRE broadcast studios on Division Street in Kewanee.


Regional Media Virden Broadcasting owns and operates multiple broadcast properties in various parts of Iowa and Illinois. For more information on Regional visit www.regionalmedia.info