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Despite rampant rumors on facebook on Tuesday, the Kewanee School District was not on lockdown.

With recent events that have occurred all across the country, concern from parents and family members was justified. But there was no lockdown any more than normal.

As most people are aware, at Kewanee Schools and most other schools a visitor must ring in at the front door and wait for clearance.

That was the case on Tuesday at Kewanee Schools and as District 229 Supt of Schools Dr. Chris Sullens explained, the image of a clown has become somewhat common at this time of year. That twisted craze began in the early 1980’s after the murderer John Wayne Gacy was convicted and the clown image sprouted from there.

The recent postings by Sam tha Klown threatening students was reported on Monday at the Stark County School District. The Wethersfield School District and the Bureau Valley School District also reportedly received similar threats.

On Tuesday, the message reportedly came from Tyler Klown.

As Dr. Sullens noted, the deranged clown craze is sweeping the nation and in fact the current edition of Rolling Stone magazine addresses that very subject. The magazine notes that the clown craze seems to be everywhere with some reports of clowns attempting devious behavior in several parts of the country.    

One of the ways that some students are affected on facebook, is that with the constant communication on facebook, one must simply hit like at a certain point and that person then becomes vulnerable to threats.

The Kewanee Police Dept was called in to investigate as have authorities in Stark County and Bureau County.

So once again to summarize, despite numerous reports on Tuesday, there was no lockdown in the Kewanee School District.