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  • Saturated Buffers is a relatively new term that conservationists and farmers will likely be hearing more about in the future.

    Jan Powelson is a Resource Conservationist with the Stark County Soil and Water Conservation District and she says there are several potential aspects to this new program…


  • The new skateboard park at Northeast Park in Kewanee has so far been nothing short of an overwhelming success.

    Brian Johnson is the Director of Parks and Recreation with the Kewanee Park District and he says that like many of us, he has noticed lots of kids using the skate park…

    The Baker Park Golf Course is now open for the season and Johnson says that different golfer will pick different times to begin their golfing season…


  • Kewanee Public Library will host a genealogy program on Monday afternoon.

    KPL Children’s Librarian Sara Billiet says if you are a baseball fan, this will be of special interest to you…

    Ms. Billiet adds that the Library’s 3-D printing program will really take off this next week…


  • It’s not a decision to strike but the choice is now on the table for ASFCME members as they voted in strong numbers to support authorizing one. However, the state’s largest employee union says they are prepared to do everything they can to find an alternative path. Governor Bruce Rauner says that his administration has made their last and best final offer and it’s time to accept the contract and keep the state working.

    More than 80 percent of AFSCME members voted to authorize a first-time strike against the state.


  • Next Friday, Tangled Roots Brewing Company will debut an all local beer. Spokesman and brewer Mike Billy says the hops and barley were grown locally. And the company brews its own beer in downtown Ottawa. He says it’ll have a local flavor.

    Billy says there’s a melon-like taste in the local hops. The beer is named 41-88 after Ottawa’s latitude and longitude. Next Friday, local beer won’t just mean locally brewed anymore. Spokesman Mike Billy says Tangled Roots Brewing Company will sell a brew made with locally grown barley and hops.

    The brew is named 41-88, because Ottawa is at 41 degrees north latitude and 88 degrees west longitude. Billy says just like grapes used in wine, hops take on a local flavor depending on the soil and water where they’re grown. The beer will debut at the company’s one year anniversary party next Friday.


  • It's been an eventful first month in office for President Donald Trump, but with key cabinet choices confirmed, Senator Tammy Duckworth hopes Trump shifts his focus to a topic he raised on the campaign trail....

    Duckworth says it's time for more action, and less words....

    Senate Democrats began promoting a $1 Trillion infrastructure plan last month.


  • Kewanee will be offering limited number of pre sale tickets for the Kewanee  Regional  Championship game  that will be played on Friday Feb 24th. Pre Sale Tickets are limited to the first 300 people. 


    Tickets prices are set by the IHSA at  $5.00


    Tickets will be on sale starting on Thursday in the High School office from 8:00AM to 4:00 PM and from Friday  8:00AM to Noon.



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