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  • It’s a special summer at the Illinois State House. Another special session is getting underway on Wednesday. Governor Bruce Rauner has called lawmakers back to town in order to get an education funding bill to his desk so he can veto parts of it. The bill in question, Senate Bill 1, is largely the work of Senator Andy Manar, a Democrat from Bunker Hill. Manar says he doesn’t need to be back in a special session to solve any differences, he wants the Governor’s office to be transparent and offer up room to compromise.

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    Manar says he wants to meet and then take those requests back to the majority in the Senate.


    Manar says that there is no need for the expense or showcase of a special session. All the Governor needs to do is return to the table with the legislative leaders and make public what he wants changed in SB1.

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  • The City of Kewanee will continue flow testing of fire hydrants beginning Tuesday 7/25/17.  The Fire Department will be working on the project Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 a.m. to noon (weather permitting) to update hydrant capacity and flow pressure data, in addition to flushing the water mains of sediment built up.  This project is expected to extend into the fall for this year.


    Areas within or nearby testing areas may experience periods of lower than normal water pressure or discolored/rusty water.  The Fire Department will alert the public through local media which areas they will be working in a few days prior to beginning work.


    Work will be finished within the areas of Red Adams Road to Dodge Street and Dewey Avenue to Page Street.  This includes all residents between on East Mill, Knox, East Church, Burlington, Bronson, and Miner.  This section also includes three hydrants south of Page on Burlington (near Boss Manufacturing), and two hydrants west of Red Adams Road on the Page Street Extension. 


    The next area planned to begin will be hydrants within the blocks of South Tremont to Wilson and 5th Avenue, and West Division to West Oak.  This includes all residents between on Elliott, Grove, Beach, Pine, Rockwell, West Prospect, Wilsey Court, South Park Street, Cottage, and Park Row.  This section is expected to be worked on from 7/25/17 – 8/3/17.


    Dates of work being done are pending, and could possibly be postponed for any unforeseen weather or emergencies in between.


  • The Hog Festival Committee will hold their second July meeting this evening beginning at 7 o’clock at the Hog Fest building 306 North Main Street, Kewanee, IL 61443.

    Acceptance of and place on file Secretary’s Report                              

    No formal Treasurer’s report. Update on Hog Days finances as of July 25th


    Visitors –

    Unfinished Business

    1        Customized private label water bottles update

    2        Charcoal purchase update

    3        Meat bid letters out

    4        Stage banner sponsorships

    5        Golf cart update

    6        Hog Days Coloring Contest

    7        Baby changing stations

    8        National Guard Bouncy House Obstacle Course

    9        Girl Scout Rock Wall

    10    Order supplies (last chance to modify supply list before we order)


    New Business

    1.    Sandwich boards and coffee cups

    2.    Grills

    3.    Time to schedule/commit to work days and/or nights…

          Paint barricades        DONE!

          Continue packaging spice powder

          Freezer door seal replacement      DONE!

          Ticket trailer repairs


    Reports/Questions/Comments/Other Business from Anyone

    Motion to adjourn


  •  Determined to get children back to school on time, Gov. Bruce Rauner today announced legislators are being called back to Springfield Wednesday for a special session focused on Senate Bill 1, the school funding reform bill.


    Public schools throughout Illinois may not open on time unless SB 1 is sent to Gov. Rauner. The governor plans to amend SB 1 to remove the Chicago Public Schools’ pension bailout that’s currently included in the bill, which then would provide more money to children and schools statewide.


    Senate Democrats have delayed advancing the bill to the governor’s desk, choosing instead to use schoolchildren as political pawns. With time running out before the beginning of the new school year, Gov. Rauner insisted lawmakers prioritize Illinois’ children.


    “Democrats have been holding this bill since May 31. Our families and students cannot wait any longer,” Gov. Rauner said. “We must act now, which is why I’m calling lawmakers back to Springfield for a special session. Our schools must open on time.”


    Gov. Rauner’s amendatory veto will result in higher education funding for nearly every school district in Illinois. A new website launched by Gov. Rauner shows how much additional money each school district will receive as a result of the governor’s planned action: https://www.illinois.gov/gov/SitePages/SchoolDistrictFunding.aspx


  • As the state raises taxes this summer one state official is giving away money – a record amount of it. The State Treasurer Mike Frerichs has given away a record amount of cash this year from the state’s I-Cash Program. That’s where unclaimed bank accounts, stocks, insurance benefits and other items lay in waiting till they are reunited with their rightful owner. Greg Rivara with the office says I-Cash is growing bigger every year and now with larger amounts of money passed out.

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    In all this year nearly 160 million dollars of cash, stock and other items were returned.

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    It’s easy to find out if you have any money or other items coming to you… the state has a website set up at Illinois Treasurer dot gov. And when you attend events like the Illinois State Fair the office often times has mobile centers set up to help you look for items.
    A notable return this year was a purple heart that belonged to a central Illinois woman’s father who had passed away. The return was special because the daughter knew her dad had served in the military but wasn’t aware that he had been awarded a purple heart during his service.


  • Per Burlington Northern Railroad, there will be two railroad crossing closures beginning Monday 7/24/17.


    The Main Street crossing will be closed for repairs, and is expected to be closed for ten days.  Detours around Main off of West Third and West Fifth Streets will be open to route traffic onto North Tremont Street.


    The Park Street crossing will also be closed for repairs, and is expected to be open again on Wednesday 7/26/17.


  • The Illinois State Fair is home to many things, giant statues of Abraham Lincoln, thrilling carnival rides, and blockbuster Grandstand concerts, and this year we are adding a Competitive Eating Contest to that diverse list.

    This year, the Illinois State Fair is teaming up with the Springfield State Journal Register to host a Competitive Eating Contest each day of the Illinois State Fair.   In this contest, three contestants will go head to head to see who can consume the most food in five minutes.  All of the foods featured in this competitive eating contest are fair food favorites, including the winner of the annual Golden Abe’s Fantastic Fair Food Contest.

    “The food is an important part of the Illinois State Fair and the State Journal-Register is excited to be part of this contest,” said Bryan Groves, Vice President of Consumer Sales and Marketing.  “This will be a unique way to highlight the traditional fair food and make people aware of all the fantastic food options at the Illinois State Fair.”

    If you think you have what it takes to consume all of these delicious fair food calories, head to the State Fair website to register for your preferred competition.  These contests will take place at 3:00 p.m. each day on the new Rising Star Stage, located next to The Shed and across from Lincoln Stage. 


     Contest dates and food items are listed below:

    Friday, August 11th – 3:00 pm – Watermelon

    Saturday, August 12th – 3:00 pm – Corndogs

    Sunday, August 13th – 3:00 pm – Cantaloupe

    Monday, August 14th – 3:00 pm – Mini Donuts

    Tuesday, August 15th – 3:00 pm – Sweet Corn – provided by Illinois Specialty Growers Assoc.

    Wednesday, August 16th – 3:00 pm – Pork Chop Sandwich

    Thursday, August 17th – 3:00 pm – French Fries

    Friday, August 18th – 3:00 pm – Ribeye Sandwich

    Saturday, August 19th – 3:00 pm – Golden Abe Contest Winner

    Sunday, August 20th – 3:00 pm – Funnel Cake

    As a reminder --- As you are walking the fairgrounds this year be on the lookout for our Golden Abe award winners.  They will have signs posted at their concession stands showing off their Illinois State Fair accomplishments!  As you sample your way through these sweet, savory, creative and tasty concoctions, be sure to vote via our text message campaign on who you think is most deserving of the “People’s Choice” award. 

    The Illinois State Fair runs August 10 – August 20 in Springfield.  Start planning your visit today!   Information and updates are posted daily on Illinois State Fair website and mobile app.


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