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  • Regional Media Movie Review Mudbound

    Is Hollywood finally being forced to grow up? On one hand, no, as the fact that Superhero movies still dominate our box office allows us all an escape hatch back to childish notions of good and evi...

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  • Regional Media Movie Review Jim and Andy The Great Beyond

    Man on the Moon was one of my favorite movies of 1999. I had no idea what went into making the movie at the time I saw it in 1999. Had I been more aware of the tabloid crazy story that was going on...

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  • Regional Media Movie Review Justice League

    The problem with Justice League and the problem with the entirety of the DC cinematic universe is the vision of Zach Snyder. I realize that laying the blame for what many perceive as a significant ...

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  • Regional Media Movie Review Daddy's Home 2

    I can’t feel bad for the makers of Daddy’s Home 2; the movie is too poorly made for me to feel bad for anyone involved, aside from the poor children who didn’t know any better. Th...

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  • Regional Media Movie Review Devil's Whisper

    I’m torn on the movie Devil’s Whisper. One side of me finds the film stylish, well acted and some of its ideas daring. The other side of me, however, cannot abide yet another movie wher...

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