Wednesday, September 24th | Regional Daily News Wednesday, September 24th 2014-09-30T04:55:18Z Wednesday, September 24th Seeking: Work, picking up scrap metal and will also haul to the Transfer Station  854-1445  For Sale: 1987 Basstracker Boat with trailer. Call 309-853-7780 For Sale: 72 inch Rear Dozer Blade for Tractor. Call 309-853-5517 For Sale: Black, Metal Yard Set with Umbrella and Chairs, VCR Tapes, and Truck Tires. Call 309-853-8815 Seeking: Work Cleaning Houses. 309-525-1852 For Sale: 2003 Buick LeSabre, Black and Decker Leaf Vacuum, and Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer. Call 309-935-6578 For Sale: Display Case, Adjustable Chrome Clothes Rack, Schoo Desk. Call 309-883-5134     Regional Daily News 2014-09-30T21:55:18Z