Wednesday, August 20th | Regional Daily News Wednesday, August 20th 2014-08-28T10:07:38Z Wednesday, August 20th For Sale: 1987 Bass Tracker Boat. Call 853-7780 For Sale: Sharp brand Air Conditioner. Call 309-361-0209 Seeking: Work Picking up Scrap. Call 309-854-1445   Seeking: Work Hauling Scrap. Call 309-853-2995   For Sale: Electric Car Parts Washer, never used. Also seeking work haulin scrap. Call 309-883-5134   For Sale: Yard Set with Table, Chairs and Umbrella, VCR Tapes, Chevy Truck Tires. Call 883-9653   For Sale: Three Piece Living Room Set. 883-9653    Seeking: Used Gas Stove. Call 854-6873   For Sale: Collection of Still in the Box Hot Wheels and Johnny Lightning Toy Cars. Call 854-2902   For Sale: 110 Window Mounted Air Conditioner Call 288-3530     Regional Daily News 2014-08-28T15:07:38Z