Friday, July 18th Trading Post | Regional Daily News Friday, July 18th Trading Post 2014-07-25T06:17:46Z Friday, July 18th Trading Post   For sale a guitar, case, and lesson 854-3345 Garage sale at 1019 cambridge road To give away a truck topper 856-7070 Yard sale 510 E 9th st For sale a mirror 883-3048 Riding lawn mower parts for sale visit 1012 knox st Fishing boat 852-3152 Pick up scrap, appliances, and vehicles For sale a basketball hoop 525-0606 For sale a yard set, air conditioner, and truck tires To give away piece of glass Yard sale at 521 E 2nd st Lookin for someone who raises canaries 761-8310 Yard sale at 124 roosevelt avenue Regional Daily News 2014-07-25T11:17:46Z