Thursday, August 21st Trading Post | Regional Daily News Thursday, August 21st Trading Post 2014-08-20T01:30:45Z Thursday, August 21st Trading Post Seeking: Work Hauling Scrap. Also seeking 42 inch Riding Lawnmower at 309-854-1445 Seeking: Work Cleaning Houses. Call 309-525-1852 For Sale: 12 Foot Lowline John Boat with Oars, 2 Spare Sets of Oars. Call 854-9621 For Sale: White Maytag Refridgerator and Oak Dining Set. Call 309-883-2044 Seeking: Gray Wool Trench Coat, World War 2 Era Style. Call 309-852-2438 For Sale: Paraphin Bath for Hands, Portable Storage Facility. Call 309-854-3609 For Sale: Tree Trimmer. Call 309-852-5634 Seeking: Work Hauling Scrap. Will buy old air conditioners. Call 309-853-2995 For Sale: 20 Gallon Tub for Cleaning Car Parts, Never Used. Riding Lawn Mower. Call 309-883-5134 For Sale: 6 Golf Putters, Like New, 26 inch girls and boys Bikes, Snowblower. Call 309-8531437 Seeking: Used Swingset Frame. Frame Only. Call 309-853-9571 For Sale: AM/FM/CD Player Car Stereos. Large Camper, and Giving Away 2 Cats. Call 309-883-5134 Regional Daily News 2014-08-20T18:30:45Z