Monday, July 21st Trading Post | Regional Daily News Monday, July 21st Trading Post 2014-07-29T01:40:25Z Monday, July 21st Trading Post   For sale recliner chair, cooler, and lamps 856-6727 Pick up for scrap, appliances and haul to transfer station 854-1445 For sale a row tiller 854-5651 For sale a bedroom set, patio set, and computer desk 853-8270 Looking for bushes removed from house 852-0968 For sale patio set with umbrella 594-4124 For sale a computer desk and chair 231-4586 For sale golf clubs (full set) 853-6979 Free used bricks 540-8848 For sale bunch of bowls 288-3530 For sale metal bunk beds (no mattress’) 525-4668 Pick up for scraps, appliances, and vehicles 883-5134 For sale riding lawn mower parts 1012 knox st (no phone) For sale insulation, also a t.v to give away 852-0770   Post Regional Daily News 2014-07-29T06:40:25Z