Monday, November 24th | Regional Daily News Monday, November 24th 2014-11-28T08:32:44Z Monday, November 24th Seeking: Work as a Handy Man. Also fixing and repairing and selling Fishing Equipment. Seeking a Natural Gas Water Heater. Call 309-852-22283 For Sale: 2002 Cadillac DeVille, Seeking Work as Santa at Parties. Call 309-525-1231 For Sale: 3 Bedroom House in Kewanee, Vacuum. Call 309-852-0770  For Sale: Round Indoor Kerosene Heater. Call 309-525-7791 Giving Away: Cat and Three Kittens. Call 309-761-8641 For Sale: Steel Traps and Live Traps. Call 309-502-9709 For Sale: Shopsmith Mark 5. Call 309-714-1952 Post Regional Daily News 2014-11-28T13:32:44Z